Thyroid Diseases

Thyroid disorders Overproduction or underproduction of thyroid hormone may cause several problems in the body.

Healthy Nutrients Against Diabetes

These are the nutritious foods that our mothers forced us to eat when we were children! Medicine always justifies the mothers in the end, unbelievable! This specifies maternal instinct since mothers force their children to eat though they are not willing to do so. As for experts, these three vegetables not only have glucose-lowering effect but also bad cholesterol-lowering effect.

Nourishment During Ramadan

During Ramadan, the diet and lifestyle of fasting individuals might vary. In order to sustain adequate and balanced diet, it is important to nourish at least 2 times during the non-fasting time and not to skip the sahur meal for resisting the long-term hunger period. Iftar and sahur meals are given more attention because it is not allowed to consume during the day. However, there is no specific energy, protein, vitamin and mineral ratio that should be taken daily for Ramadan. The main point in Ramadan as in every period of life, is adequate and balanced diet.

Diabetes & Fasting

In order to answer this question, we need to know which patients with diabetes are issued, the medications they take, whether the blood glucose balance is provided or not, and other diseases, if any.

Preparation For Colonoscopy

Preparation for the colonoscopy procedure starts in the first consultation with your physician. Issues such as reviewing the medications you are taking, your current diseases and other important medical conditions are among the things that need to be done for preparation. Be sure to ask all your questions to your physician who will perform the colonoscopy and start preparing for your procedure without doubt.

Living at Your Actual Potential Through Psychotherapy

People have needs that will never end as long as they breathe and realizing themselves is the last step of these needs. This area of need is for individuals who are unique all by themselves, aiming to end their war with themselves, fulfill their potential and have a deeper and more realistic relationship with their environment. As we begin to make sense of life and our experiences, and as we raise the emotions and expectations that we seek outside, then, the journey becomes very enjoyable, which is the therapy process, with which people discover themselves.

Diabetic Foot Care in Summer

What are the risks regarding foot health in patients with diabetes in summer? People experiencing sensory deficits due to diabetic polyneuropathy (nerve end damage) may feel a decrease or loss in the sense of pressure, pain or temperature.

Personalized Nutrition and Diet

When you follow the diets that someone else around you get excellent results from, or the miraculous diet lists you hear from anywhere, you may think that your diet is going well at the beginning, but then it fails, which can upset you and cause your motivation to drop.

Hashimoto's Disease (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis)

Hashimoto's disease (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis) is the most common type of thyroid gland inflammation, i.e. thyroiditis, and is also called Autoimmune Thyroiditis or Chronic Lymphocytic Thyroiditis. Hashimoto's disease is currently a common thyroid disease. It is an endocrine system disease caused by a disorder of the immune system.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance can be defined as the difficulty in showing the effect of insulin in the body despite the adequate secretion of insulin hormone, or the failure of biological events to stimulate.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a disease defined by the World Health Organization as “abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat in adipose tissues to the extent that it impairs health”.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes, which is one of the leading diseases among today's diseases, is very common and plays a key role in the formation of many fatal diseases.