Being a non-profit-making organization, NB Kadıkoy Hospital was founded by Turkish Diabetes Association and Turkish Diabetes and Obesity Foundation taking public health as a mission.

Our hospital has been named after Prof., M.D. who has guided Turkish Diabetes Association and Turkish Diabetes and Obesity Foundation with his services since 1955 and made great efforts to implement modern medicine in treatment of diabetes and obesity in our country. 

In the 62-year journey of Turkish Diabetes Association  in pursuit of protecting human health, NB Kadikoy Hospital provides top-quality service aiming to contribute medicine on a global scale as well as general healthcare services in Kadikoy, a center of business and population in Istanbul.

 Our hospital has specialized in diagnosing and treatment process of diabetes and obesity that are the leading chronic diseases with vital consequences in human health.

Having the concept of boutique hospital services, our hospital adopts modern medical technologies, health care and nursing services presented with knowledge, skill, profession and passion in addition to eligible practices with the capable healthcare professionals. With its modern hospital architecture aiming to ensure patient’s comfort, NB Kadikoy Hospital combines an intimate home environment with international quality standards and patient safety factors. Thanks to our operating rooms equipped with modern devices in which urgent and planned surgical interventions, both open and laparoscopic ones, can be performed, a Level 1 General Intensive Care Unit and an experienced anesthesiologist team, we provide service of high quality 24/7.

All minimally invasive surgeries can be performed by means of laparoscopic techniques by the Department of General Surgery in addition to neurosurgery, plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, hand and microsurgeries, all arthroscopic surgeries by Orthopedics and Traumatology.  As for other surgeries that are performed at our hospital, there are laser eye surgeries, otorhinolaryngologic and urologic surgeries, as well. By way of medical devices with cutting-edge high technology used at our laboratory, multiple tests can be studied at the same time and the results are accurately and rapidly submitted to our doctors. Transferring all radiological images to PACS database, result can be easily accessed online from outpatient clinics, patient rooms and even home.

The complications caused by diabetes on organs are followed and treated at our hospital with a multidisciplinary service concept and joint approach of the departments of Neurology, Ophthalmology, Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Unit, Cardiovascular Diseases, Bariatric Surgery, Nutrition and Dietetics in conjunction with the departments of Endocrinology and Metabolism Diseases and Internal Medicine. Our patients diagnosed with diabetes are provided with trainings by a diabetes nurse specialized particularly in this field, making sure that the patients comply with the treatment process with support of the family members and learn how to cope with the disease. The patients can benefit from important treatment methods such as ozone therapy, interventional radiology, ultrasonographic treatment and stem cell applications within Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Unit that is quite unlikely to see at most of the hospitals in Turkey.

Complying with all organizational process of Healthcare Quality Standards by T.R. Ministry of Health, NB Kadikoy Hospital places great emphasis on obtaining top level performance in care, maintaining patient safety and providing care of high quality.

From rarely encountered diseases in society and compelling treatments to life saving medical interventions in the most critical times, all kinds of diagnosis and treatment services are successfully provided with adult and pediatric patients by healthcare professionals and academic physician staff at NB Kadikoy Hospital.

Our Mission

  • Giving a whole treatment and care services with a quality, reliable and sustainable approach for our patients
  • Valuing patient’s treatment, care and satisfaction above everything thanks to great efforts of our medical and administrative units
  • Prioritizing patient’s expectations and rights
  • Working with full commitment to laws and professional ethics and paying special attention to patient confidentiality without exception
  • Conducting studies to raise awareness for diabetes and obesity, providing prevention and treatment, cooperating with our founder Turkish Diabetes Association and Turkish Diabetes and Obesity Foundation in particular and other non-governmental organizations
  • Supporting researches and studies in the field of diabetes and obesity
  • Organizing vocational trainings about diabetes and obesity for physicians, professionals, nurses, laboratory workers and dietitians as well as pioneering to popularize this service across the country
  • Establishing hospital, outpatient medical center and laboratory to protect public health and treatment, and cooperating with other institutions founded for the same purpose as well as supporting them
  • Making healthcare accessible for financially limited patients

Our Vision

  • Keeping up with medical and technological advancements in our specialized healthcare services, particularly diabetes, giving public healthcare services of top quality and sharing our knowledge and experiences on these services with other healthcare organizations
  • Being the leading and reliable healthcare center for diabetes and other related diseases thanks to our background information from past to present
  • Supporting the campaigns in prevention of diabetes and obesity, contributing to create a society in which increase and prevalence of diabetes are minimized in the light of science and our past experiences